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The Wholesale Formula usually ONLY opens up 1-2 times per year! It is currently open NOW!

Enrollment will close on Thursday February 25th at 11:59PM PST when the timer hits zero.

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(*) Income Disclosure of Student Success Survey

The following information presented for compliance in disclosure of The Wholesale Formula customer earnings.

$1,057,143,592 Claim: In 2021, The Wholesale Formula stated that their customers have collectively generated $1,057,143,592 in sales on Amazon in total.

How This Data Was Gathered

In December 2020, The Wholesale Formula emailed a survey to their 4,782 members of The Wholesale Formula program. That survey asked for students to disclose at their own discretion their name, email (to verify course ownership) and lifetime Amazon sales to date. Another 6 responses were also gathered via outside methods including personal outreach via text message, Facebook messenger, email, etc... Records of both the survey and personal outreach are kept at Ascension Consulting.

Customer result numbers quantified: 960 of the 4,782 active Wholesale Formula customers at the time responded to the survey and personal outreach with their sales totaling $1,057,143,592.

Students that responded on average generated $1,101,191 gross sales on in their lifetime. And it is to be clear that these results do not represent typical success, as 3,822 students did not respond to the survey. If we are to assume that all 3,822 students who did not see or respond to survey achieved $0 in lifetime sales, however extremely unlikely, then the average gross sales per student would be $221,067.

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