An Inside Look Into the Amazing Selling Machine: A blog about what is in the ASM program, how it works and a live case study of a success participant

The Amazing Selling Machine is a 9 Module eCommerce training program, which guides you step by step to start your own profitable eCommerce business using the power of Amazon. The program has two programs to select from, you can sign up for the all-inclusive program (Amazing Selling Machine) or the basic program (Amazing Selling Machine Foundations). ASM doesn't teach you how to start an online store, but does train you how to build a profitable eCommerce business.

ASM is an online course to help people selling physical products. It is not like any general training program in the industry. Amazing Selling Machine is designed to help you in setting up your online business in the right direction. You will get step by step video training to help you in building your business. You will also be taught how to find the perfect products to sell on Amazon.

9 Modules:


  • The ASM Membership Dashboard
  • The ASM Community
  • How To Earn Your Progress Badges
  • ASM Mentor Program

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  • Dominate Your Competition By Building A Real Brand
  • The 7 Elements Of A Red Hot Profitable Product Opportunity
  • Which Categories To Choose For Maximum Result And Those To Avoid For Your Products
  • What Products To Avoid For Your First Profitable Product


  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees
  • Product Tuning
  • Simple Product Sourcing
  • Creating A Professional Online Presence


  • The Samples Have Arrived! Now What?
  • Choosing The Best Supplier And Getting The Highest Profit Margin
  • Getting Ready For Your First Inventory Order
  • The ASM Brand Name Creation Process

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  • Building a Foundation for Success
  • Creating Your Domain Email Account
  • Creating Your Brand Website
  • Creating Your Brand Facebook Page


  • How To Craft The Perfect Amazon Listing To Crush Your Competitors
  • Strategic Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings
  • How To Craft The Best Title To Gain Traffic And Conversion
  • Bullet Points That Sell


  • The Amazon Launch Process
  • Planning for Success
  • Tracking the Data to Inform Decisions
  • Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising

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  • The Importance of PPC and KPIs
  • Recap of Campaign Structure & Keyword Match Types
  • How Does The Advertising Auction Work?
  • Foundations for Success with Amazon Advertising


  • Optimizing Traffic and Conversions
  • Building and Utilizing Your Performance Checklist
  • Amazon Ads Optimization
  • Relaunching When You Have Lost Rank or Run Out of Inventory


  • Testing New Strategies and Having a Growth Mindset
  • Using Facebook Messenger to Build a Subscriber List
  • Using Facebook Ads to Get Subscribers
  • Distribute Coupon Codes to Subscriber List

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Bryant & Marie Barbee

"ASM has changed my life in so many ways that I really don’t know where to start but I’ll give a few examples. I have now a thriving business with real physical products selling on many different platforms that I would never think possible all because we started this business.

We are now living in Hawaii which is a dream come true for us and this didn’t happen magically. I am a disabled Gulf War vet with some health challenges. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 so was forced to seek out healthy alternatives and because we had built this business it provided us the freedom to be able to just drop what we were doing and focus on my health. I am now cancer free and owe a lot of this to the training I received on how to have “Mobile Income,” the business goes on day and night without me physically being there.

I highly recommend you join ASM to experience this life changing experience for yourself, you can’t go wrong if you follow half of what they teach. If I can do it with my health challenges I know a healthy person can knock this out the park."*

William Eckard

"I’m from South Africa. I’d been trying to create an online business for longer than 8 years. I tried affiliate marketing and everything else you can imagine. For all my efforts, the biggest check I ever received was $120.

I made a pledge to myself to fully commit to ASM. I followed all instructions to the letter and after 10 weeks I launched my first product. My first sales came within 2 days, 2 of them in one day! I was over the moon, was this the beginning of a successful online business? Well, it sure was…you cannot imagine the feeling of being “badged” within the group, first for $1000 worth of sales in the last 30 days, then $2000, then $5000! All of this happened within 4 months of my product launch and all I did was follow instructions. If you want REAL online business and you are will to listen, follow instructions, and focus, your success will be as close to being guaranteed as one can get in the business world. Thank you ASM for changing my life!"*

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Here are some of the Amazing Selling Machine FAQs:

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These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.


(*) These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

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