Join the Amazing Selling Machine to work with some of the top Amazon entrepreneurs learning how to start an Amazon business!

- INTRODUCING - The All New Amazing Selling Machine!

Amazing Selling Machine 13 course

The Amazing Selling Machine is on it's 13th revision and continues to be improved with the most up to date information for selling on Amazon today!

100% new strategies working like crazy today to:

  • Find the best product opportunities with our BRAND NEW product selection method 
  • Know exactly which keywords to target with ASM's 2021 Keyword Strategy
  • Launch your product to the top of Amazon easily

Get these powerful software tools that will save you TONS of time and money when you join the Amazing Selling Machine!

  • Exclusive Product Opportunity Tool - this Chrome browser plugin helps you find the best products fast, pull accurate sales numbers and see a product’s complete price, rank and sales history

  • Product Analyzer Tool - automatically performs in-depth market analysis on all of the product opportunities you identified on an easy-to-use platform (no more spreadsheets!)

  • Perfect Keyword Tool - find hidden opportunities that have high sales and low competition, know exactly what keywords to target and get faster profits on new products

  • Rapid Product Launch Tool - access thousands of buyers and rank on Amazon fast using a 100 year old retail strategy now adapted for e-commerce

Who should take the Amazing Selling Machine course?

Anyone who wants more! With over 30K+ members from over 120 countries, Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is one of the best online business training programs ever created!

What are the modules in ASM?

Welcome Module - Module 1: Choosing your First Product and Supplier - Module 2: Seller Central and Business Setup - Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand - Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets - Module 5: Sales Generating Product Listing - Module 6: Launch and Rank - Module 7: PPC Optimization - Module 8: Scaling Your Sales + Supplemental Modules and Coaching Calls!

Amazing Selling Machine Training is updated periodically and is always up to date.

What are the bonuses for ASM Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM Bonuses change all the time. The BEST Amazing Selling Machine Bonuses are always offered during LIVE Webinars! You can signup for the next one here.

How to get the latest discount for ASM13?

Like stated earlier, attending a LIVE Webinar will offer the best discount and/or bonuses. However the following link currently offers $1000 off the regular price with some awesome bonuses. Check this link for the best current offer!

With ALL the bonuses and a possible discount make the Amazing Selling Machine Cost or Price an excellent decision to join. As always, ASM is a onetime purchase and you will get access to every update on the course!

How to get a free trial of ASM 13? [Amazing Selling Machine Course Free]?

Well it isn't actually a free trial.. or maybe it is... BUT ASM offers a 30 day money back guarantee - "get a 100% refund anytime in the first 30 days if ASM isn't right for you! It's that simple" Try it for 30 days, if it's not for you... ask for a refund.

It won't hurt to mention, but the Amazing Selling Machine has free training. It's a 4 part free training series to get your feet wet or at least your toes. You can signup for the free training with just your name and email address here.

Does the Amazing Selling Machine offer a Refund?

Yes, stated above, you have the option to request a full refund with in the first 30 days of purchase. However, it gets even better!!! ASM offers what is called "The ASM Success Agreements" Make sure to read it in it's entirety, you gonna love it!!!

Are there any Amazing Selling Machine testimonials/reviews or success stories?

Yes! There are too many to post here but you can read and watch numerous Amazing Selling Machine reviews here!

Here's a sneak peek at the inside of the ASM Training Platform:

Here are some of ASM's FAQs:

Watch an Amazing Selling Machine Webinar Replay Here:


These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.


(*) These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

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